Goose Foie Gras from Perigord

Goose Foie Gras from Perigord

We offer you this Extra Quality Goose Foie Gras in the form of 4 sub-empty, pre-sliced and frozen escalopes. With a total weight of approximately 280g, these cutlets are ideal for your Foie Gras Festivities or Foie Gras Terrine recipes.

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Foie Gras d'Oie Frais Extra du Périgord Eveiné

(36 avis)
Prix 79,50 €
650 g Vacuum packed +/- 25g

Fresh Frozen Truffle from Périgord

(5 avis)
Prix 42,37 €
Weight in grams

Caviar Sturia Oscietre

(8 avis)
Prix 36,67 €
Weight in grams