Our values

Our commitments

In addition to our involvement in several associations and labels that guarantee quality and the preservation of our know-how, such as :

the Charter of Artisanal Conservators,

the Association Foie Gras du Périgord with the labels " Canard à Foie Gras du Périgord " and " Oie du Périgord

We also impose on ourselves a great rigour in the draconian selection of raw materials, their quality, their freshness and their origin.

We do not use any dyes or preservatives.

We comply with stringent hygiene standards and precise and rigorous manufacturing processes.

We are eternally dissatisfied, so we scrupulously taste all our products and constantly seek to improve them, even innovate, while remaining firmly rooted in our traditions.

We listen to all our customers' comments and go several times a year to meet them at a large number of trade fairs and exhibitions throughout France, so that little by little the doors to an outside world open up to us.

We are involved in the Artisans Conservateurs collective

Since 1982, a handful of artisan canners, of which we are an integral part, members of the Syndicat des Artisans Fabricants de Conserves du Périgord, have been initiating an in-depth reflection on their profession. With these craftsmen, we share the vision of a market which tends to drift under the influence of the industrialists of the food-processing sector and the large-scale distribution.

The stakes are high. It was absolutely necessary to: promote the gastronomic heritage of Périgord preserves, perpetuate traditional know-how that is as rich and inimitable as it is fragile, and deepen this universe of flavours anchored in the unique and attractive Périgord region.

Artisans at heart and all heirs to the art of canning, we have positioned ourselves very clearly: artisan canners are sculptors of flavours!

The Charter of Artisan Preservationists

As artisanal canners, we carry the"Artisans Conserviers - La tradition conservée" mark and we undertake to respect in all respects the"Charte des Artisans Conserviers", which is detailed below:

Craft identity

Canners using the Artisans Conserviers brand must be registered with the Registre des Métiers of the Chambre des Métiers et de l'Artisanat Dordogne Périgord.

Gastronomic know-how

Only artisans who have been practising the craft of artisanal canning in the Périgord tradition for at least 5 years can become an Artisan Conservator, provided they meet all the other requirements of this Charter.

Compliance with health standards

The canners strictly apply all the standards, legal and regulatory provisions relating to their production and processing conditions.

Guarantee of a "Preserved Tradition".

To keep this promise made to consumers by the brand, the Artisans Conserviers select their materials and regularly develop new products, scrupulously respecting the gastronomic traditions rooted in the Dordogne Périgord.

"Sculptors of Flavours

To deserve this distinction, which is shared by the Artisans Conserviers, each of them devotes all the necessary resources to satisfy a very high level of requirement on 2 associated criteria:
the authenticity of the recipes and the taste with reference to the culinary tradition of the Périgord,
the enrichment of the gastronomic heritage of the Dordogne and the Périgord.

Regional authentication of revenues

Each new recipe developed by one of the Artisan Preservers is tasted, evaluated and enriched by the Comité des Sages.
The Comité des Sages is made up of former artisan preservers who are unanimously recognised by their peers.

Independent reviews and taste ratings

Each year, the artisanal preservers submit at least 2 products in the "foie gras" and "ready-made meals" categories to independent juries for departmental, regional or national competitions. They consider the results with the greatest interest in order to accompany the evolution of their products.


A signatory member who deliberately violates this charter may lose his or her status as an Artisan Conservier for good, and may be banned from using the "Artisan Conservier - La tradition conservée" brand.

Application and integration of a new member

To become an Artisan Conservator, any candidate artisan canner must be sponsored by 3 confirmed Artisan Conservators who will accompany him during a probationary period of 2 years. During these 2 years, 4 of the products he produces (foie gras and ready-made meals) must pass a series of quality and taste tests.
At the end of the probationary period, if all the tests confirm his know-how, he becomes a full Artisan Conservator.
We are also members of the FOIE GRAS DU PERIGORD Association In order to defend the quality and origin of foie gras palmiped products from the Périgord and to offer more transparency to consumers, breeders, cutters and canners from the Dordogne joined forces to create the Foie Gras du Périgord Association in 1993.

The birth of the PGI

A challenge for the image of the Périgord

Breeders, cutters and canners in the South-West have implemented a rigorous and demanding quality approach and since 26 June 2000 have benefited from a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), a European sign of origin and quality with the same scope as an A.O.C.: Promoting and defending the quality and origin of Périgord.

This transparency takes the form of numerous unannounced checks carried out by the Association's staff and by an accredited Certification Body.

The Périgord goose is also protected

In a context of massive imports of geese at reduced prices and of standard quality, the Oie du Périgord, by creating its collective brand (registered with the INPI on 8 December 2011), is reaffirming its top-of-the-range positioning and its many assets.

The Périgord is the leading French goose production area with 130,000 geese and excellent products.

The official launch of the "Oie du Périgord" collective brand took place at the 2012 Fest'Oie Festival, the Périgord Goose Festival in Sarlat.

This festival rewards, with its Palmes d'Or, the best goose foies gras of the Périgord.

We participate every year in this competition and have received the supreme award of the Palmes d'Or du Périgord, several years in a row, notably for our whole Goose Foie Gras.