Our awards

Our awards

Thanks to our continuous efforts, our products have won medals at various competitions every year.

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Foie gras

History, manufacturing, breeding, region, health...

Everything you need to know to discover and appreciate foie gras!

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block of foie gras


7 Blocks of Goose Foie Gras 65g + 1 Free Box

(11 avis)
Prix 76,65 € 87,60 € Prix de base
520 g 8 Boxes

7 Goose Foies Gras Mi-Cuit du Périgord + 1 Offered

(2 avis)
Prix 201,25 € 230 € Prix de base
Weight in grams
8 jars of 120 g

Our values

Grolière's products are the result of a commitment to excellence in taste and flavour.

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