Tourain-Concentre Tourain-soupe

Concentrated Perigordian Garlic Tourain

Tourain is a garlic soup that we cook in concentrate, typical of the Périgord. In order to spice up this delicious soup, we prepare it with duck fat. With this emblematic Périgord starter, you will enjoy powerful and original flavours, much appreciated in winter by the fire!

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This Périgourdine soup (onion soup in some regions and garlic soup called Tourain in our region) is one of our traditional recipes, rooted in the history of our ancestors.

In the old recipes of our region, the ancients used pork, duck or goose fat for cooking to give this soup more flavour.

We add duck fat to our recipe to spice up this concentrate.

You can't come to the Périgord without tasting it.

Traditionally, when one has finished eating one's soup, one makes what is called "Chabrol", adding a little red wine to thin out the stock that remains on the plate.

On the other hand, during a drunken evening, the last ones still awake wake up the sleeping ones to serve them the Tourain at undue hours.

It is also traditional for the newlyweds to be served Tourain after the party in a chamber pot (pissadou).

But the Tourain was also brought to new neighbours in the middle of the night to welcome them. After eating it, another one would be prepared and we would all go together to another house and so on, until the morning, waiting for breakfast.

This tradition has been somewhat lost, but the flavours of this highly concentrated soup are still present.


Poultry stock, garlic 5,5%, modified corn starch, duck fat, flour, salt, pepper.

Weight in grams : 200 g
Certified by the Charte Excellence des Artisans Conserviers : 1
Product of French Cultural and Gastronomic Heritage : 1
Energy (in kj) : 185 kj
Energy (in kcal) : 44 kcal
Fat : 1.7 g
of which Saturated fatty acids : 4.6 g
Carbohydrates (in grams) : 0 g
of which sugars (in grams) : 2.6 g
Protein (in grams) : 2.7 g
Salt (in grams) : 1.1 g
Packaging Detail : Box
BEST BEFORE DATE: Best consumed within 4 years of the date on the lid.
Packaging : Box
Number of shares : 4 - 5
Preservation method semi-cooked cooked with raw salt : Canned food
Origin France : 1
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