Selection of La Maison Grolière

Our Maison Grolière selection offers a wide range of our exceptional products. It will delight gourmets by offering them a range of Foies Gras in different forms (semi-cooked or preserved, Goose or Duck) but also a set of Périgourdine specialities such as our Enchaud du Périgord. This selection, full of original and authentic flavours, is the reflection of our quality requirements.


Canned and semi-cooked
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183,65 €
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Our Maison Grolière Selection is truly a selection of our most popular and representative products, and the choice was not easy.

It is therefore composed of various Foies Gras, in all their forms: semi-cooked, canned and a large number of Specialities of Périgord:

a 120 g semi-cooked Duck Foie Gras,

a 120 g. semi-cooked goose foie gras,

a Block of Goose Foie Gras from Périgord 130 g,

one 120 g Foie Gras of Périgord duck,

100 g fig chutney,

a Pâté de foie de Canard (50% Foie Gras, flavoured with truffle juice) 130 g,

a Duck liver mousse (50% Foie Gras) 65 g,

a Rillettes de Canard 130 g,

a Confit of Duck (2 legs) 4/4,

a tin of Rillettes au Foie de Canard (25% Foie Gras) 130 g,

one Enchaud (Roast pork confit) 450 g,

a box of Goose Gizzards confit 215 g,

a 130 g Quail with Foie Gras (with 25% Foie Gras),

a 130 g "Le Buguois" pâté.


1 Half-cooked Duck Foie Gras 120 g,

1 Goose Foie Gras Mi-Cuit du Périgord 120 g,

1 Block of Périgord Goose Foie Gras 130 g,

1 Whole Duck Foie Gras from Périgord 130 g,

1 Fig Chutney,

1 Duck Foie Gras Paté with Truffle Juice (50% Foie Gras) 130 g,

1 Duck Foie Gras Mousse (50% Foie Gras) 65 g,

1 Rillettes de Canard 130 g, 1 Pâté "Le Buguois

1 Duck Confit 750 g (2 legs),

1 Duck Liver Rillettes 130 g,

1 Roast Pork "Enchaud" 300 g, 1 Goose gizzards 215 g,

1 Quail with Duck Liver 130 g,

Certified by the Charte Excellence des Artisans Conserviers : 1
Product of French Cultural and Gastronomic Heritage : 1
Packaging Detail : Canned and semi-cooked
Delivery (pointer) : Delivery only in France and neighbouring countries
Flake : Can be stored in the refrigerator between +1°C and +3°C (maximum 3 months).
BEST BEFORE DATE: Best consumed within 4 years of the date on the lid.
Medal-winning product : 1
Animal : Pig
Certified Origin Oie du Périgord : 1
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